19 October 2006


Battlefield 2142 (AKA, The Halcyon Days)

Here is a fact:  The happiest days of my life were the few weeks that spanned the release of the Battlefield 2142 demo.  I am not joking.  My friends and I have talked about this frequently.  Seriously, we have never been happier in our lives than when we were podding.  Is it avoidance?  Is it an escape?  Is it sloth?  Hell, yes!  It is all of them, and damn it, I was never happier.


Yesterday, the actual game was released.  My friends and I preordered it.  I now sport a BF2 Flash drive that looks like a pair of dog tags.  My friend wore his to work, because he thought people would be jealous and it made him cool. 


Should I be concerned that I want to actually be identified with any commercial product, much less a video game?  Yes.


Am I embarrassed?  No.


I am not embarrassed because I am different.  I am special.  I can’t wait to blow the hell out of this office and Game Game my face off!


Here is to the return of the Halcyon Days!





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